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Tanker Chartering

At Sibrco, we offer services related to tanker chartering (spot as well as long-term) covering all segments from small Tankers to Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC).

We work with the largest of the multi-national oil companies to the smallest single unit owners across crude, clean and dirty petroleum products.

We pool our resources, knowledge, and experience in building long lasting relationships.

We are always open to work with owners and charterers to optimize the voyage operations.

Tanker is defined as a ship that is particularly designed and constructed to transport liquid cargoes. The general impression of a tanker is a huge vessel steaming from the Middle East to consumer countries full of crude oil to be refined. But the tanker trade is much larger and much more complex than that. Crude oil is just a part of it; a large part, but there are many other elements. Commonly, liquid cargo types that are carried in tankers are:

1. Crude oil
2. Refined oil products
3. Chemicals
4. Wine
5. Vegetable oils and other food oils

Commercial Management offers Commercial Management of the vessel(s) on behalf of the owner to the vessel owners, both on time charter (bareboat) or voyage charter basis and from spot- to period employment.


  • Chartering and daily operation of the vessel, including bidding for tenders and long/medium term contracts and fixing of the vessel on behalf of the owners;
  • Interaction with ship agents, stevedoring companies, shipchandlers, port authorities, freight brokers, charterers;
  • The appointment of ship agents, shipchandlers and other partners and the organization of ship services in ports


  • The safe, economic and efficient management of the vessel.
  • Arranging vessels, appointing agents and surveyors associated with the commercial operation of the vessel/project, providing voyage instructions and weather routing.

Bunker Broker

We supply refined marine fuels to vessels including container ships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, oil tankers, and ferries, both in port and at sea.

SIBRCO provides a global perspective as well as local insight into real-time market dynamics. With many years of experience in ship fuel management, our team has in-depth awareness of market fundamentals and developments.

Due to our longstanding position, we have especially close relationships with suppliers all over the world and can provide our customers with the most competitive rates, taking consideration the quality, timely and trouble-free deliveries.

Bunker broker may be defined as a person who facilitates the transactions between Bunker supplier and the ship owner or ship charterer. A bunker broker plays very important role in shipping industry.

Role of a bunker broker

  • As a bunker broker one must continually research the market and look for new opportunities to expand the business.
  • Daily duties include active brokering/trading on behalf of clients ensuring optimum rates that benefit both the company and the client.
  • In the event of any disagreements or claims, the Bunker Broker is required to manage any claims arising and assist with legal actions involving customers or suppliers.
  • Developing new business is a key role of the Bunker Broker and so bunker broker will be someone who has a keen interest in the Marine industry and is able to carry out analysis and monitor demands around the world.
  • As a Bunker Broker one will need to be organised and capable of maintaining CRM (customer relationship management) systems and good general administrative skills.
  • As a Bunker Broker in Shipping a personal is also required to monitor customers’ payments and ensure late payments are chased.
  • A Bunker Broker is required to negotiate rates with suppliers and so I have strong negotiation skills and a good understanding of the shipping industry.
  • Negotiate between the buyers and sellers and assist in closing the transaction.
  • Track market movements, analyse oil trends & keep up to date on financial news.
  • As a Ship Bunker Broker you will be required to establish relationships with existing clients and suppliers to ensure their continued custom and maintain levels of income.
  • Broker is required to prepare and process quotations, sales enquiries, sales confirmation and prepare contracts.
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